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Rosemary and Larry coauthor the popular Paco & Molly Mysteries and the Dan & Rivka Sherman Mysteries—and most recently, Unto the Third Generation, A Novella of the Future. They call Honolulu home, where they cherish time with their children and grandchildren. The Milds are members of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and Hawaii Fiction Writers. Find out more about their books on their website

1.      The best part of writing as a husband-and-wife is…
Larry: Never having to write in a vacuum, always having someone to turn to and discuss the process.
Rosemary: Spending valuable time together while sharing a meaningful project

2.      The most challenging part of writing as a husband-and-wife is…
Larry: Negotiating a difficult description passage or plot twist or character name or trait.
Rosemary: Accomplishing “a.” without ruffling any feathers. It’s the only thing we ever argue about.

3.     My absolute favorite part of the writing process is…
Larry: Developing the original plot idea into a complete first draft.
Rosemary: Researching and learning pertinent facts needed for the book.
Larry & Rosemary: Holding the final published and printed book in our hands

4.     My absolute least favorite part of the writing process is…
Larry and Rosemary: Proofreading!

5.     We seem to come up with the best writing ideas when…
Larry and Rosemary: when the two of us discuss something we’ve read or heard in the media.

6.     If we ever get “stuck” when I am writing, we get through it by…
Larry and Rosemary: going on to the next page, chapter or section and come back to it later.

7.     _________ is the book that changed my life.
Larry:  The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas is the book that changed my life because it convinced me that history and adventure together make great novels.
Rosemary: Gone with the Wind captivated me with its life-size characters and Civil War settingMy second favorite: Forever Amber. So steamy for a fourteen-year-old in 1949 when Amber undoes two buttons of her blouse. I even announced to my mother that I was changing my name to Amber. You can imagine how well that went. 

8.     __________ is the book I wish I had written.
Larry: The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett is the book I wish I had written.
Rosemary: Strangers on a Train, Patricia Highsmith’s first novel; a brilliant psychological suspense/mystery.

9.     If I weren’t a writer, I’d most likely be…
Larry: An electronics engineer, which I was until I retired in 1993. I’ve been told that I might have made a decent lawyer otherwise.
Rosemary: I can’t imagine not being a writer. I spent my full-time career as an assistant editor at Harper’s; a copy editor at a major medical/scientific publisher; and as an engineering writer at Westinghouse. I love writing personal essays; my stock-in-trade is humor, exaggeration, and dramatizing the minutiae of my quirky everyday life.      

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