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Kelley Pryor Amrein is a writer and EFT practitioner. Kelley first discovered Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) in 2007. She used EFT personally and with her family before becoming certified as an AAMET Level Two practitioner in 2014. As a coach, Kelley has witnessed the power of EFT to release negative emotions, relieve stress, and lessen physical pain. As the parent of college students, Kelley believes that Tapped Out is a much-needed resource on college campuses, where stress levels are on the rise. The book provides students with a life-long tool, allowing them to easily alleviate stress and enjoy a healthy and successful life.

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Becki Stevens is an AAMET certified Advanced EFT Practitioner. For the past two years she has owned a successful EFT practice in southern New Hampshire. She works with people of all ages, including college students, to ease their physical and emotional distress. Becki focuses on how a person’s emotions can sabotage their success. Becki believes that Tapped Out For College Students is an empowering introduction to EFT for college students, giving them a tool they can use throughout their lives to relieve stress and foster healthy relationships, creativity, and overall health.



You’re in college and college is stressful. Your stress impacts every facet of life, from classes to grades to work commitments. Even your physical health can be affected. Studies show that college students like you now face more stress than ever, leaving you with less time for relaxation and Tapped Out For College Students: Stress Relief Using EFT, is a guidebook that empowers college students like you, allowing you to reduce your level of stress and opening the door to success in college and in life.
self-care. When you’re already overburdened, the idea of finding a way to relieve stress sounds like one more way to add extra stress to your life. But, what if you can relieve the stress of college in minutes? What if homework didn’t have to be so hard, and you did have time for school and fun?

In Tapped Out, college students are introduced to our unique BESD (Because, Emotions, Sensations, and Distress) system, which easily guides them through the tapping process. Once you’ve defined your personal BESD related to a specific issue, you can easily translate this into a tapping session. The book is full of tapping scripts relating to the most common stress-inducing issues you face in college. Students can tap through the scripts as they are written, or they can personalize them, using the responses they develop using the BESD system. 

The Table of Contents is the perfect starting place, allowing students to pinpoint their issue and flip to the appropriate section of the book. Some of the topics covered in the book include time management, homework, exams, relationships, money, health, and preparing for the real world following college.
Students no longer have to be stressed throughout their college career. With Tapped Out as a companion, college students can face the college landscape calmly. This unique book, intended to be used as and when needed, empowers students to control their reactions and respond to each situation successfully. College is stressful. Tapped Out for College Students can help.



Welcome to My Bookish Pleasures. We would love to get to know you and your book! When did you begin writing?
We began our co-authoring journey in January of 2016 after having a conversation about the lack of self-help books available specifically for college students. We’re both Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) practitioners and moms. We understand the stress young adults face and we are passionate about sharing this lifelong tool to alleviate stress in situation. We wrote the book as if we were working with the reader as a client. In that way, we kept the book personal and focused on the needs of our audience, college students.
Describe your writing process.
Our process started with research into our topic. We had to know the most stressful situations facing college students, the ones they want help working through. After gathering survey results and working with a group of college students, we broke the book into sections. Then, we divided the work and started writing tapping scripts.
The final book has over seventy customizable scripts, divided into nine sections. The Table of Contents is the perfect starting place, allowing students to pinpoint their issue and flip to the appropriate section. Some of the topics covered in the book include time management, homework, exams, relationships, money, health, and preparing for the real world following college.

We found we were a really good editing team. As we completed sections of the book, we exchanged our work and polished our words. We’re very proud of the outcome.

When and where do you write?
We tended to do brainstorming together. When it came to writing the book and the scripts, we worked individually. We always came back together to edit and discuss any changes we felt were necessary.
Can you tell us about the books you’ve released and projects you’re currently working on?

Tapped Out For College Students: Stress Relief Using EFT, is our first release. We do have another tapping book in the works, Tapped Out For College Bound High School Students and Their Parents, which will be released at the end of the summer.
What was the most challenging aspect of writing your book?
Both of us found that writing the book was the easiest part of the process. Marketing is the most difficult part of writing. As an author, you have to market your work. But there are so many avenues available including so many varied social media outlets that it can be challenging deciding what marketing avenues to pursue. We’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to speak about our work as well as participate in radio and television interviews. We are always looking for new ways to spread the word about Tapped Out, and we’re very happy to be here, at My Bookish Pleasures, telling your readers about our book. Despite any challenges we may face, we’re both very happy we wrote the book and don’t plan to stop our partnership anytime soon. 
Do you find it easier to write nonfiction?
As a co-author team, we only write non-fiction. The process of writing our book was fairly straight-forward. We knew our goal was to help college students alleviate stress and find calm. We also knew EFT would be the modality we’d explain. Knowing our audience and our topic as well as we did before we began, made completing the book a straightforward process.
Do you have plans to write fiction?

Kelley does write fiction under her pen name, KD Pryor. She has completed two YA novels and is working on the third in the series. Currently, she is at work on a women’s fiction set in India.
What advice would you offer to new or aspiring nonfiction authors?
If you know about something, have a skill or a passion you love to share with others, you have a book in the making. If you don’t offer it to the world, the world will never know what you have to share.

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