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Authors To Watch: Davin Whitehurst, author of 'I Have Faith'

On today's edition of Authors to Watch, we have the extraordinarily talented Davin Whitehurst, author of the children's book, I Have Faith.  Leave a comment to let him know you stopped by!

Davin Whitehurst lives in the beautiful high desert of Southern Arizona with his wife and son. He is releasing his first book "I have Faith" in May of 2016 but has so many more that are in the making. The motivation behind the books are deeply rooted from in his own past. He is a living testimony of Proverbs 22:6. Growing up in Southwest Kansas and in a Christian household, he was trained up in the way he should go. By the time he became a teenager, Davin turned away from God and left church. Fast forward into his late twenties and God brought him back with a powerful calling. He and his family have been faithfully serving at Seed of Abraham Christian Center International for over seven years now. Proof that when we teach our children the way they should go. When they get older, they know where to turn and will not depart from God. Davin wants each book written to be a resource that parents have to help train their children in the way they should go. He writes stories in a simple way that will be fun and practical for every child. He wants children to get excited about faith and the things of God.

His latest release is the children’s book, I Have Faith.

Are you ready to get your child excited about faith? “I Have Faith” puts your child right in the footsteps of Danny as he begins to learn about faith. Danny and his older brother have been wanting a dog, but both know their parents don’t think they are ready for a dog. When Danny’s mom begins teaching him what the bible says about faith, he puts his faith into action. After praying and releasing his faith for a dog, doubt and even his best friend keep telling him that he will never get a dog. Over time Danny never loses his faith in the promises of God and finds that God is faithful and that faith works. Come along on this journey that is a real life event that took place in the author’s life as a child.

This book has great illustrations that support a wonderful story about finding faith in God. As you are teaching your child about principals in the bible; this book will help you teach faith. What a wonderful experience it is when we can see our children begin to develop their faith in God, and grow from a tiny mustard seed to a firmly planted tree. The back of the book has a parent/child discussion which will help children gain understanding in faith and some scriptures that Danny’s mom used to get him excited about faith.

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Tell us a little about yourself.

Hello, thanks for having me. My pen name is Davin Whitehurst which is my real name too. I live in Arizona with my wife and teenage son. I am new to the writing or author realm, so I am just getting started but have so much more to bring to readers. Not only am I an author but a business man and just started my own company called Childlike Faith Publishing. I love business and creating services and products that benefit others.  I love Jesus, reading my bible, making music and living out my created purpose.

When did you begin writing?

The ideas for books came to me around seven years ago. I just never received the calling on my life to be an author until about a year ago. Once I finally accepted that I was to be a writer; I have fully embraced it and the journey has been awesome so far.

Describe your writing process. Do you plot or write by the seat of your pants? When and where do you write?

So I am working on a young adult novel now. When I am doing that kind of writing it takes discipline and as I get ideas, I write. Some times what I am putting in the novel is done as I am typing; other times it is days worth of going over the story line and pulling the ideas together before I type it out. My writing is kind of spontaneous. I have an office in my house so I do a lot of writing there, but a lot of times I get ideas throughout the day. That is why I always have a notepad app or a little notebook ready at all times to write ideas and concepts down. I never let thoughts get away.

My children’s book writing is a little different. I have only completed one so far. With “I Have Faith” I drew out the story board of ideas and then had the illustrator start the artwork first. I wanted the text to add to the illustrations. So as the illustrations were being completed, I then started to come up with the manuscript. I enjoyed this process as it allowed the text and the drawings to come together really well. As I noticed a void in the storyline we added the first page or spread and the story was then formed and completed. My second book is a little different but I like to seek God on the direction I am supposed to go and then with faith and patience it all begins to take shape and it just is working for me.

Can you tell us about your most recent release?

“I Have Faith” is a book on how children develop faith. Danny is who you meet at the beginning of the story and he takes your child along for journey of discovering faith. As his mom begins to teach him what the bible says about faith, he puts his faith into action. Danny and his brother have been asking for a dog but his parents have always said no. After Danny prays for a dog he has faith that God is faithful and that his prayer was heard. Neither his brother nor his best friend believes that he will ever get his dog. Over time he never lets doubt, feelings or other people get in the way of his prayer being answered. One day his pray shows up on his front porch. This is a story right from the author’s childhood and helps children understand how faith works. At the end of the story there is a parent/child discussion along with scriptures Danny’s mom used to teach him faith. It’s a journey that will get your child excited about faith.

How did you get the idea for the book?

“I Have Faith” came from my childhood. I am not sure exactly how old I was but I was around seven or eight. It was early in the month of December and I remember praying for a dog. I thought God was going to answer my prayer for Christmas. I never got my dog for Christmas, but months down the road I did get my dog. My dad was driving home from work and was looking at a brown paper bag rolling around in the road. As he got closer he realized it was not trash blowing around but a small puppy. She was too young to be weaned from her mother, and must have been dumped on the side of the road. That afternoon as I was walking home from school; my sister was waiting for me on the front porch with this puppy who we called Hope. A few years back God had put me in remembrance of this story and it became a book.

Of all your characters, which one is your favorite? Why?

There is only one main character who is Danny, but I love moms. Danny’s mom is a true hero in this book. Not to take away from dad’s because a father plays just as vital of a role. As Danny began to learn what his mom was teaching him from the bible, his faith began to take root. With that small seed of faith God’s plan not only was released right then and there, it is something that will last forever.  

What was the most challenging aspect of writing your book?

The challenge was getting over the fear of writing a book. Once I decided that writing a children’s book was what I was to do, I did not really have any challenges. This book took a lot of patience but the time was well worth the wait. At times I wanted to rush but stayed grounded in my vision and it worked.

Which authors have inspired your writing?

God is my inspiration. The word of God is why I write. Jesus is my reason. He called me to write and through faith I have been able to accomplish so much.

I also look back at many children’s books that I can still see the pictures and the story and those also inspire me to write books that have that impact on other children like it did on me.

What projects are you currently working on?

My next project is a picture book that is based on Genesis chapter one. It is going to be an educational book on creation but have some awesome features like learning to count, identifying animals, building faith in God and so much more. This will have an interactive app that will be produced along with it and is just going to be a lot of fun.

What advice would you offer to new or aspiring authors?

Don’t be afraid and if you are do it scared. Don’t worry about what others may think as everyone will not like your work anyways. Most of all get mentors around you that have been where you want to go. Iron sharpens iron as one friend sharpens another. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. It is uncomfortable for a reason and that is to get you to stretch and grow the boundaries of your mind and life. Live life to the fullest by seeking God for your created purpose and then live it. Your blessing is living in the will of God for your life. I am proof that when living out your purpose, joy and blessings abound in everything that you do. Last but not least, “Strong Faith Achieves the Impossible”.

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