Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Interview with Raymond Mendoza, author of Pickles


Inside the Book

  Title: Pickles
Author: Raymond Mendoza
Publisher: iUniverse
Genre: General Fiction
Format: Ebook

 The most deadly of enemies are often those we cannot see. The greatest battles are not the ones written on the scrolls of history but plague the battlefields of our hearts. We all encounter grief, pain, and loss. Sadly, many do not survive their struggle. In author Raymond Mendoza’s Pickles, Michael Harvey is lost in a stormy sea of hopelessness. He is trying to find himself again after his wife and their unborn child are killed by a drunk driver. Grief holds him captive as he tries to continue maintaining his art gallery with his father after the devastating loss. However, as Michael begins to realize, there are things that are solely constructed by His hand. As Michael struggles with the unseen battle, signs begin to appear through a newly discovered journal. While it seems like there is no hope for a man who is like a lost ship at sea, the glow from the lighthouse seemingly guides him back to the shores of loving again. And sometimes it comes from unexpected sources, like a dog named Pickles. Pickles is an emotional journey that portrays the power of true love as it is lost and then found once more. No matter how bad things may seem, through God’s power and love, one can be restored.  

How did you come up with the title of your book?

The title really came from my initial idea to want to name a dog “Pickles.” I can’t say I have a particular reason, I just thought it was a good name for a dog. Then, when I started writing this book, I felt the name was symbolic of what Michael was going though, as is explained in the first chapter.

What is your writing environment like?

I mostly write in my home office with a nice cup of coffee and classical music playing. I have to ensure that I am relaxed so the creative juices flow.

What are some of the best tools available today for writers?

There are a lot of grammar apps now days, that I find really helpful. I’m a writer, not an editor, so I found those tools a great help in the publishing process.

What inspires you to write?

I love to create things. It is a very powerful thing, to create a story that no one has ever thought of. It’s a subtle way to impact someone’s life in a potentially profound way.

Did you learn anything while writing this book?

Yes. With every book, I learn something new about myself. While writing this book, I found that loss of love was a great fear of mine. I think that’s what helped me incorporate so much emotion into the book... A lot of the emotion was my own.

What is your favorite quality about yourself?

I am a very determined person. When I start something, I must finish. I am thankful for this attribute, as it useful in the writing arena.

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