Friday, January 15, 2016

Book Spotlight: Uneven Exchange by S.K. Derban

Title: Uneven Exchange
Author: S.K. Derban
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Pages: 344
Genre: Mystery/Romance

Like fire and ice, Alexandra Callet’s life runs hot and cold.

At the age of thirty-three, Alexandra owns a stunning home and a successful interior design company. But she is in love with her business partner, Jake Taylor, and he doesn’t even seem to realize she’s a woman. She should be on top of the world, but instead she feels dragged down by the void in her heart. Hoping for answers, she decides a trip to Mexico might soothe her soul.

Jake Taylor only pretends to be a confirmed bachelor.

Jake has been entranced by Alexandra’s determination and exotic beauty since the moment they met, but she has no idea how he feels. He considers confessing his love, but fears jeopardizing their friendship and business. He’s caught in a web of pretending he doesn’t care, and doesn’t see a way out of it.

Alexandra is recruited for a dangerous mission.

Following her trip to Mexico, her resemblance to a member of an assassin’s family leads Alexandra to be recruited by the DEA. Her training leaves her distracted, and her business begins to suffer. Jake notices her sudden change, and feels her slipping both personally and professionally beyond his reach. Should he finally take the chance…before it’s too late? After all, he has nothing to lose.

However, when Alexandra returns to Mexico for her mission, things go terribly wrong.
Will she be able find the strength to fight and escape the peaceful haven that has now become her prison? Or will Jake lose Alexandra forever…

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Book Excerpt:

After ending the call, Kevin walked to the file cabinet and pulled out two six-inch-thick folders labeled, The Magician: File One of Two, and The Magician: File Two of Two. He returned to his seat, dropped both files on top of his desk, and began scanning their many sections. Picking up the second file, Kevin then turned to the section labeled Daniela and reached into a large pocket-style envelope to withdraw an eight-by-ten photograph. Daniela’s beauty was captivating, her look so vulnerable. How could she be related to someone as evil as Santiago? He desperately believed Daniela knew nothing about the violent crimes her brother had committed. Kevin even refused to use her last name and always referred to her simply as Daniela. He could not bear to relate the name of Santiago with someone so pure and innocent. Kevin looked down, grimacing. Am I losing control? As the special agent in charge, he understood the importance of remaining detached. Kevin knew he could not allow Daniela to affect him. Unfortunately, though, she had. From the first moment he met her, Kevin felt an attraction and worried it would cloud his judgment. Even now, as he tried to look away from her haunting image, he found his gaze glued to her picture as he lost himself in the night they first met.

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